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Thank You from the bottom of my heart for the 331 Painting Tutorials on YouTube and accompanying Traceables. They have changed my life. I had severe depression / anxiety and was semi agoraphobic. I never liked painting because I cannot draw. You showed me how I didn't need to draw and from following you I could paint such beautiful paintings that impresses everyone that sees them. I was hooked. I adore flowers and animals, they make me happy which is what you mainly paint. I made an art room in my house. My children sit and paint your tutorials with me sometimes. This then led to joining a painting class at my local community center which got me out of the house. I met like-minded people and made 2 best friends from it as well as a lot of new friends. So much good has come from your painting lessons.  Words can't describe how grateful I am. My family and friends all have Angela paintings on their walls from me. I am slowly gaining the confidence to paint my own designs too.  There are plenty more positives, I could write a novel on here 😊 Thank you again for everything.

—  💔💙💚💜 Jenny xoxo

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