Frequently Asked Questions

What brand of paint do you use? What do you recommend for a beginner to buy?

I use Golden Heavy Body Acrylics and Liquitex Professional Heavy Body Acrylics in my painting videos. Liquitex has a student level paint called Liquitex Basics that I recommend if you are just starting out. You can try out the different colors and then replace them with the more expensive, professional quality paints later. See my list of recommended acrylic painting supplies at:

What colors do you use in your paintings?

My most frequently used colors are: *Quinacridone Magenta Cadmium Red Medium *Cadmium Red Light Quinacridone Burnt Orange Cadmium Orange Indian Yellow Hue *Cadmium Yellow Medium Cadmium Yellow Light *Phthalo Green (Yellow Shade) Teal Turquios (Phthalo) *Phthalo Blue (Green Shade) *Ultramarine Blue Dioxazine Purple *Burnt Sienna *Burnt Umber *Carbon Black *Titanium White Unbleached Titanium (Liquitex brand) Zinc White * Basic Palette In the example photo above you can see how the mixed colors compare to other colors I commonly use in tutorials. Those 8 colors can be used to blend a palette that will cover most of your painting needs.
See my complete list of Acrylic Painting Supplies on Amazon.

Colors to Buy First: Titanium White Carbon Black Quinacridone Magenta Cadmium Red Light (or Pyrrole Orange) Cadmium Yellow Medium (or Hansa Yellow Medium) Phthalo Blue - Green Shade Burnt Sienna Yellow Oxide
Colors to Buy Next: Ultramarine Blue Burnt Umber Cadmium Red Medium (or Pyrrole Red) Cadmium Orange Dioxazine Purple Phthalo Green - Yellow Shade Unbleached Titanium (or Titan Buff) Cadmium Yellow Light

Does it cost anything to watch your video tutorials?

No, most of our videos are public on YouTube at We do have some exclusive bonus videos available at if you would like more in-depth, advanced level videos.

What is your video schedule?

We do free, live acrylic painting tutorials on Tuesdays @ 6pm CT and Saturdays @ 2pm CT on YouTube at I also do special Crowdcast live tutorials on Thursdays @ 3pm CT for my Patreon Facebook group for $10 (or higher) level members. Join at We do a Bonus Patreon Video once a month for our $5 (or higher) level members. It is usually the second Sunday of the month but times vary. Check our patreon page for more information.

What brushes do you recommend?

I have a recommended brushes list at The Brush Guys: Use the code "angelafineart" to get 5% off. My favorite brand is Princeton.
Their 6100 series is long handled and very durable. The VevetTouch series is short handled and great for detail work. The Select series is economical and great for beginners.

Paint is not adhering to my canvas. What is wrong?

If the paint is not sticking to the canvas there can be a few reasons. 1. Low paint quality. If you are using a lower quality paint sometimes the binder in it is not as strong. Try adding some gel medium. 2. Too much water. If you add too much water to a good quality, heavy body acrylic it will underbind to the canvas. 3. Not allowing the layers to dry. Once the paint gets tacky that means the drying process has started and you need to stop and let it dry completely before adding more paint. The paint will stick to your brush and come off the canvas if you try to add more paint while the under-layer is drying. 4. Adding water to a wet canvas. Similar to the last two problems combined. If you put fresh paint onto your canvas and then dunk your brush in water and add water directly onto the canvas to blend the colors it will lift off the paint. Basically you are washing the canvas. It can be helpful if you have made a mistake you want to remove before the paint dries. But adding too much water on top of fresh paint will underbind it.

How do I find your Patreon content, like traceables and high resolution reference photos?

If there is a specific traceable you are searching for, you can find it via the search bar on the traceables page of this website!

High resolution reference photos and finished paintings can be found on our Patreon page. If you join our $5 or higher level, you'll get access to these for each painting that we do, plus access to the month's Bonus Video Tutorial and all of our past Bonus Video Tutorials!

Our $10 level has a special Facebook Group called Art Taking Flight, where we can help answer any questions you might have. Also, for this level we do weekly Challenge Tutorials that dive deeper into the process of a special painting we'll choose each month.

If you'd like to join, you can head to this page on Patreon!

Where can I buy the art supplies you use in your videos?

I have several affilate lists where you can buy the products I use in my videos and also help support our channel. " Acrylic Painting Supplies" on my Amazon shop page. Recommended Brushes at The Brush Guys: Use the code "angelafineart" to get 5% off. Art Supplies Frequently used products from Fredrix Linen Canvas Panels (Various Sizes) Sakura Pigma FB Pens Golden Acrylic Glazing Liquid Golden Heavy Body Acrylics Posh Glass Palette Richeson Palette Paper Saral Transfer Paper Rolls Strathmore Visual Journal, Mixed Media Princeton VelvetTouch Brushes Princeton Select Brushes Princeton Aspen Brushes Here are two affiliate links for Arteza art supplies as well! Arteza US - Arteza UK -

HELP! I can't figure out how to use traceables.

1. Find the traceable you want by searching the title/subject of the video (from computer or tablet) either my traceables page on my website or my posts page on Patreon. 2. Click on the .jpg attachment at the bottom of the Patreon traceable post to download it to your device. 3.Find your downloads folder (or whichever folder you have selected for downloads) on your device and open the image in your chosen photo program or app. If you need to upsize the image for a large canvas use to do that. 4. Select "print" and when your print preview page opens go to "printer settings" or whatever program your particular printer has. 5. Select "borderless" printing and "fit to page", if desired. Select the size of the print (8"x10" etc) and PRINT. 6. Trace the printed image onto tracing paper (or use the paper image if desired). Place image onto canvas and use transfer paper (Saral brand or graphite) to trace the design onto the canvas using a pencil or metal stylus. I show how in this video. 7. Paint away! You can transfer the designs multiple times as you work to add more details, if desired. Hope that helps!

Where can I find past Patreon exclusive tutorials?

Most of our previous Patreon exclusive tutorials can be found on our Crowdcast page at this link! -

However, some exclusive tutorials were created before we started using Crowdcast. You can find those tutorials at the "Exclusive Tutorials" page here on our website! - - If you're looking for a specific tutorial from this time period, simply find your tier on our exclusive tutorials page, and scroll through the tutorials until you find painting you're looking for! :)

Paint keeps drying up on my color plate before I can use it all! How can I fix this?

1 - Use more paint 2 - Draw from onbe side of paint puddle only 3 - No fans/outdoor wind, etc. 4 - High humidity in the room 5 - Mild temperature (not too hot or cold) 6 - SPRAY OFTEN 7 - Non-porous palette (not paper)