Frequently Asked Questions

What does an appointment consist of?

A conversation! And maybe a cup of tea... One of our dedicated advisers will get to know you and your family over the course of an hour, go through a questionnaire and will then give advice tailored to your budget and requirements.

How long does it take?

We don’t like to rush. We like to spend more time getting to know you properly and understanding more about you, your family and your requirements so that we can give you the best advice. Appointments tend to take around an hour.

Where do they take place?

We want to make it a very relaxed experience. Appointments can take place over the phone, in your living room or even over a hot cuppa in your local coffee shop. Wherever/whenever works for you.

What do I need to prepare?

It depends what you want to see us about and what stage you’re at in the process. We will give you a heads up on any documentation we need and give you plenty notice to organise it.

How much does it cost?

For protection appointments there are no fees whatsoever! How much you decide to allocate a month for your protection portfolio is completely down to yourself, we work within YOUR budget to make sure your package is affordable but also offers you peace of mind that you and your family are looked after.

Initial mortgage advice is also free. We will go through your affordability and give you an idea on what the process is etc. When you have found a house that you want to purchase or your fixed rate is ending soon and we need to arrange a new deal for you and have found you the best product a broker fee would apply in this instance. How much exactly would depend on the individual case, how much work is involved or the complexity of it. Broker fees are between £295-£995


What are your opening hours?

We work Monday – Saturday 8am-8pm. Sundays we try to relax! We understand that for most of our clients evening appointments suit them more so we have no issue at all popping over after tea. Just be sure to stick the kettle on!

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